Submitted by K.K. “Muralee” Muraleetharan, Chair





K.K. “Muralee” Muraleetharan (Civil Engineering & Environmental Science) (2010-12), Chair

Amy Bradshaw (Educational Psychology) (2011-14)

Jie (Lily) Huang (University Libraries) (2011-13)

Nancy LaGreca (Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics) (2012-15)

Allison Palmer (Art) (2011-14)

Cindy Rogers (Economics) (Fall 2011)




·         The FCC held five formal meetings on 11/01/11, 12/06/11, 03/09/12, 04/13/12, and 05/04/12 and communicated via email in relation to activities described below.




On the request of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC), the FCC undertook the following tasks.


Task 1 – Compensation for the Graduate Liaisons


The FCC Chair corresponded with Lee Williams (Dean of Graduate College) regarding the compensation for the Graduate Liaisons. Dean Williams acknowledged the important role played by the Graduate Liaisons. He further indicated that formally the role of Graduate Liaison is seen as part of a faculty member's service responsibilities and any extra compensation or reduction in teaching/research duties for Graduate Liaison work should be determined on a case by case basis.   


Task 2 – Deans' Office Salaries


The FCC undertook a study to review the salaries of deans and deans' office staff in various colleges on the OU's Norman Campus in comparison to salaries of faculty members and directors/chairs in schools/departments/divisions under each dean. A report on this study was submitted to the FSEC. The FSEC requested that the FCC follow-up the above mentioned study with another study to compare deans' office salaries at OU with corresponding deans' office salaries at OU's peer institutions to gain further insight into deans' office salaries.       


On its April 13, 2012 meeting, the FCC unanimously elected Nancy LaGreca as its next chair.