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This Committee is responsible to the Faculty Senate for reviewing and recommending policy on questions related to the economic welfare of the faculty.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the Committee shall:

  1. Monitor, each year, the entire process by which salary increases are requested and fixed by the University administration, the University Regents, the State Board of Regents, and the State Legislature.

  2. Gather information on salaries from within the University and from other universities, put such information into proper form, and make it available to the Senate for the purpose of accurately presenting the economic position of the faculty and the faculty's economic needs to the administration, the boards of regents, the Legislature, and the general public.

  3. Suggest to the Senate appropriate proposals, strategies, and forums for advancing the economic position and needs of the faculty, both inside and outside the University community.

  4. Recommend to the Committee on Committees the faculty nominees for the University Employment Benefits Committee.

  5. Report at least yearly to the Senate and, upon approval, to the President, the Provost, and the Budget Council.


Operating Procedures:

The Committee shall formulate its own operating procedures, which shall include:

  1. The election of a chair from among the faculty members of the Committee.

  2. Provision for a sub-committee of the Committee to which non-members of the Committee may be appointed by the Faculty Senate, if the Senate deems such additions appropriate.

  3. Provision for liaison with all appropriate councils and committees.



5 faculty members to be elected by the Faculty Senate to 3-year staggered terms


2013-14 Members:

Lawrence Baines (Instructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum) (2012-15), Chair,
Amy Bradshaw (Educational Psychology) (2011-14)
Donna Nelson (Chemistry & Biochemistry) (2013-16)
Nancy LaGreca (Modern Languages, Literatures & Linguistics) (2012-15)
Albert Striolo (Chemical, Biological & Materials Engineering) (2012-14)




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