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Summary Descriptions of Councils, Committees, & Boards

NOTE: The OU Provost's Office maintains the official list of all committee members (faculty, staff, and students). Please contact them with any questions regarding committee membership or charges.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMS COUNCIL (three-year term): The Academic Programs Council is charged to serve as an advisor to the President, Provost, and the Faculty Senate on matters concerned with the instructional programs and curricula of the University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus. Its responsibilities include the formulation of general education policy, the evaluation of existing or proposed programs with regard to their educational value, and the planning and development of the future educational programs of the Norman Campus.

ACADEMIC REGULATIONS COMMITTEE (three-year term): To advise the President, Provost, and University Registrar on matters relating to academic rules and regulations. The committee shall also advise the President, Provost, and Registrar on matters relating to class schedule, the academic calendar, registration, and the final exam schedule.

ATHLETICS COUNCIL (three-year term): Advises the President and Director of Athletics on athletic policy matters.

BUDGET COUNCIL (three-year term): Advises on matters concerning general fiscal policies of University, Provost's area and reviews budgets from all colleges and VP areas, reviews University budget at all stages, develops budget priorities.

CAMPUS PLANNING COUNCIL [inactive] (three-year term): Recommends on matters concerning planning, development, utilization, and management of University physical resources and the impact on teaching, research, and service.

CAMPUS TENURE COMMITTEE (three-year term): Reviews all tenure recommendations, advises whether academic unit's tenure recommendation with regard to both substance and process is sustained by documentation and is consistent with unit criteria and University criteria for tenure; reviews some promotion cases. (Members must be tenured.)

COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE (two-year term): Assists in planning commencement program and recommends commencement speakers.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST ADVISORY COMMITTEE (two-year term): Advises whether a potential or actual conflict of interest is allowable as is, could be managed, or is unallowable.

CONTINUING EDUCATION COUNCIL (three-year term): Advises on matters of continuing education, outreach, distance education, and lifelong learning programs.

COPYRIGHT COMMITTEE (three-year term): Considers and investigates disputes among administrators, faculty or staff and recommends solutions.

EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS COMMITTEE (four-year term): Advises on University employee benefit programs, recommends changes in existing programs.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS COMMITTEE (three-year term): Advises concerning environmental issues and education, including energy and other resources conservation, recycling, personal and environmental well being and safety, and other environmental conditions.

FACULTY APPEALS BOARD (four-year term): A pool of faculty members who may be called on to respond to matters of tenure abrogation, dismissal, severe sanctions, alleged violations of academic freedom or due process and also discrimination, harassment, graduate assistant grievances. (Members must be full-time and tenured.)

FACULTY AWARDS AND HONORS COUNCIL (three-year term): Recommends candidates for David Ross Boyd Professorships, Regents Awards and other faculty awards and honors.

FILM REVIEW COMMITTEE (two-year term): Reviews films or video tapes to be shown in University facilities to make certain they adhere to University policies, local, state and Federal laws.

(UNIVERSITY) FITNESS AND RECREATION SERVICES ADVISORY COMMITTEE (two-year term): Advises on questions of policy and operation, such as short and long-term goals and evaluation of services and grievances, for University Recreational Services, including Huston Huffman Center and Murray Case Sells Swim Complex, advises on policy of intramural programs, approves revisions of Intramural Handbook, and decides on protest questions.

GODDARD HEALTH CENTER ADVISORY BOARD (three-year term): Advises on administrative policy.

HONORARY DEGREES SCREENING COMMITTEE (three-year term): Reviews and evaluates nominations for honorary degrees.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL (three-year term): Advises on information technology policy, planning, improvements, and administrative structures.

LEGAL PANEL (three-year term): Advises the Hearing Panel of the Faculty Appeals Board (see above), providing legal and procedural advice. (Membership is made up of attorneys.)

(UNIVERSITY) LIBRARIES COMMITTEE (three-year term): Advises on criteria for apportioning of funds for books, periodicals, recommends on matters of policy concerning University library system.

PATENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE (three-year term): Considers and investigates disputes among administrators, faculty, or staff and recommends appropriate solutions, recommends on issues such as revenue sharing, ownership.

PUBLICATIONS BOARD (three-year term): Oversees school newspaper and yearbook by establishing, implementing, and monitoring editorial, fiscal, production, and personnel policies.

RESEARCH ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE VICE PRESIDENT (three-year term):  Advises the Vice President for Research on policy and related matters for the Norman Campus research enterprise and also serves as a sounding board for new ideas.  It studies and provides recommendations on topics brought forward by the Vice President for Research and also identifies topics of its own for consideration.

RESEARCH COUNCIL (three-year term):  Promotes and develops research and creative activity through advice to President (and other administrators), evaluates internal proposals, and recommends candidates for research professorships.  [Members are appointed in these areas: Biological Sciences (Biological Station, Biological Survey, Botany & Microbiology, and Zoology), Engineering, Fine Arts, Humanities (Classics, English, History, History of Science, Modern Languages/Literatures/Linguistics, and Philosophy), Other (Architecture, Business, Journalism & Mass Communication, Library & Information Studies, and University Libraries), Physical Sciences (Chemistry & Biochemistry, Geology & Geophysics, Mathematics, Meteorology, and Physics & Astronomy), Social Sciences and Education (Anthropology, Communication, Economics, Geography, Health & Exercise Science, Human Relations, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Education).] 

RETIREMENT PLANS MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (three-year term): Helps ensure the university’s retirement plans are managed in the best interest of plan participants and in compliance with applicable regulations.

RITA LOTTINVILLE PRIZE FOR FRESHMEN COMMITTEE (three-year term): Nominates freshman students to receive the Rita H. Lottinville prizes, based on academic and social achievements.

ROTC ADVISORY COMMITTEE (three-year term): Advises on all matters concerning military education on campus, reviews all ROTC instructor appointments and participates in interviews for commanding officers of each unit.

(UNIVERSITY) SCHOLARS SELECTION COMMITTEE (three-year term): Selects recipients of University Scholars tuition/fee waiver talent-based scholarships and awards Rhodes and Will Rogers scholarships.

SHARED LEAVE COMMITTEE (three-year term): Monitors the Shared Leave program, makes policy recommendations to the administration and employee governance groups, and approves the distribution of shared leave to the recipient.

SPEAKERS BUREAU (three-year term): Helps to bring speakers to the campus.

STUDENT CODE REVISION COMMITTEE (one-year term): Considers proposed changes in the Student Code.

STUDENT CONDUCT HEARING PANEL POOL (two-year term): Presides over student disciplinary cases (which may result in suspension or expulsion).

TOBACCO AND PARKING VIOLATION APPEALS COMMITTEE (three-year term): Provides a body before whom faculty and staff may contest tobacco and parking tickets.

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