The University of Oklahoma (Norman campus)
Regular session - September 11, 2000 - 3:30 p.m. - Jacobson Faculty Hall 102
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The Faculty Senate was called to order by Professor Ruth Okediji, Chair.

PRESENT: Abraham, Bemben, Blank, Bozorgi, Brown, Cline, Cox, Crawford, Damphousse, DeBacker, Deming, Dewers, Foster, Gilliland, Gottesman, Greene, Gross, Guzman, Harrison, Hart, Hawthorne, Henderson Hofford, Houser, Hutchison, Kenderdine, Kunesh, Lee, Magid, Maiden, Mau, McInerney, Murphy, Nelson, Newman, Okediji, Osisanya, Ransom, Robertson, Russell, Scherman, Schwarzkopf, Taylor, Trafalis, Vale, Van Gundy, Watts, Willinger

Provost's office representative: Mergler

PSA representatives: Smith

UOSA representatives: Doss

ABSENT: Gollahalli, Horrell, Robson, Roegiers, Vernon




Senate members for 2000-01 and schedule of meetings
Faculty Senate and General Faculty parliamentarian
1999-2000 annual council reports
Appointments to committees
Disposition by administration of Senate actions for 1999-2000
Resources in Faculty Senate office
Search committee, College of Journalism and Mass Communication dean

Benefits survey results

Presentation by Instructional Technology Services Manager

Senate Chair's Report:

Provost's web page
Proposed revisions in intellectual property policy
President's State of the University address
Issues and concerns

Election, councils/committees/boards





The Senate Journal for the regular session of May 1, 2000, was approved.



A list of the Faculty Senate members is attached. The new senators and members of the Senate executive committee were introduced at the meeting.

The regular meetings of the Faculty Senate for 2000-01 will be held at 3:30 p.m. on the following Mondays in Jacobson Faculty Hall 102: September 11, October 16, November 13, December 11, January 22, February 12, March 12, April 16, and May 7.

The Senate Executive Committee elected Prof. Lindsay Robertson (Law) as parliamentarian of the Faculty Senate and General Faculty.

The compilation of the 1999-2000 annual reports of University councils was mailed August 3 to the Faculty Senate members and to chairs/directors and deans to make available to the general faculty. Copies are available from the Senate office.

The 2000-01 list of faculty appointments to committees is available on the Faculty Senate web site at

The summary record of the disposition by the administration of Faculty Senate actions for September 1999 to August 2000 is below. Prof. Okediji noted that after the agenda was distributed, the Senate received notice of the president's action concerning the sunset clause of the Conflict of Interest Policy, and that has now been incorporated in the record.


Date of Senate meeting



Disposition by administration; Date



Faculty appointments to councils/committees

Faculty Senate

Appointed; 9-20-99



Patent and copyright policies

VP Tech. Dev.

Approved with revisions; 12-9-99



Committee revisions (Bass, Campus Security, Campus Disciplinary)

Faculty Senate

Approved; 11-16-99



Faculty appointments to councils/committees

Faculty Senate

Approved; 12-22-99



Extension of Conflict of Interest Policy sunset clause


Approved by President; 9-1-00. To be considered by regents 12/00.



Textbook disclaimers

Faculty Senate

Acknowledged; 5-5-00



Shared leave

Staff Senate

Under review



Faculty appointments to councils/committees

Faculty Senate

Appointed; 7-21-00

*Full text of recommendation can be found in Faculty Senate Journal for date indicated at left

Academe and the University budget are available in the Senate office.

From the nominations submitted by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for the faculty-at-large position on the search committee for the dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communication, President Boren selected Prof. Katheleen Guzman (Law) to serve.



The results of the benefits survey conducted by the Faculty Senate last spring (see 5/00 Journal, page 3) are attached. Prof. Okediji noted that the benefits office would give a presentation to the Senate later this fall, and senators would be able to discuss the survey and any concerns then. Prof. Will Sutton, author of the survey, explained that some of the questions were about nontraditional benefits, such as the Huston Huffman Center and child care. The response rate was 25.4 percent. The contracts with both Prudential and Blue Cross require 90 percent satisfaction; however, the penalty is not large. Fifty-six percent of the respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with Prudential, and 79 percent were very satisfied or satisfied with Blue Cross. Only 17 percent of the faculty fully understand their retirement benefits. Sixty-nine percent were unaware of the Employee Assistance Program, 39 percent were unaware of the fitness options, and 58 percent were unaware that there are child care facilities associated with the university. Fifty-six percent were satisfied or very satisfied with the range or level of benefits, and 77 percent were very satisfied or satisfied with the benefits office. Questions 8 and 9 were open-ended questions about problems with benefits and changes suggested. The classifications for those questions were based on the actual responses, with the major issue(s) listed to the side. Several faculty expressed interest in a vision benefit.

Prof. Schwarzkopf asked whether the results would be used in the process of bidding out next year's benefits contract. Prof. Sutton said the Employment Benefits Committee had seen the results and had discussed the survey at its last meeting. The committee will review the bid package and the bids. Prof. Sutton said he is no longer on the Employment Benefits Committee but would be glad to pass along any information to the committee.



Prof. Okediji said she had invited Ms. Stewart to give the Senate an overview of the kind of technology now available to faculty through Instructional Technology Services (ITS). Ms. Stewart explained that ITS is supported by the department of computing and telecommunications services, which had just been renamed instructional technology. The new Chief Information Officer, Dr. Dennis Aebersold, has given ITS very good support. In addition, Provost Mergler provides input regarding the technology needed in the classrooms. Ms. Stewart introduced Mr. Kevin Blake, the televised media coordinator of that office. ITS now has a facility where they can digitize video. This year, Dr. Aebersold funded the technology request at slightly above the mid-range. Referring to the document she distributed at the meeting, Ms. Stewart explained that the shaded items (HOLD is indicated under Total Cost) did not get funded. Three new technology classrooms will be put in place in Carpenter Hall, Sarkeys Energy Center, and Carson Engineering Center. Of the five ITS support areas, the classroom support area received the highest amount of funding. The grand total of $204,120 is the largest amount ITS has ever received for technology in the classroom in support of faculty.

Prof. Watts asked whether there was any charge to check out audio/visual equipment. Ms. Stewart replied that there is no charge if it is used for a class. If the equipment is used for something else, there is a minimal charge, which eventually may be eliminated. Prof. Robertson asked whether we had the ability to do televideo conferencing. Provost Mergler responded that a couple of departments are doing site to site, and some of our more ambitious departments are trying site to multiple site. A lot depends on the technology of the receiving site and whether OneNet is operational. Prof. Schwarzkopf pointed out that satellite links could be downloaded at OCCE for a fee. Ms. Stewart said she thought Dr. Aebersold planned to address that issue.

Prof. Cline asked about plans for phased improvements. Provost Merger said she thought Dr. Aebersold would spend more and more funds in this area. She said they would welcome input on a strategic plan, which would involve such things as student enrollment and the departments that have faculty trained in certain media. She said this might be something the Faculty Senate should consider. Prof. Hutchison asked about the turnaround time for preparing slides. Ms. Stewart said they request a lead time of three to five days, but they try to get them out as soon as possible. Prof. Magid commented that the chains that anchor the overhead projectors were too short. Ms. Stewart said she could make arrangements with a department to unchain the equipment as long as someone in the department would be responsible for keeping the equipment in the right room. She said she would welcome suggestions.

Prof. Cline mentioned that the large screen in Physical Sciences Center 108 had been defaced and then painted over, which was distorting the image. Ms. Stewart said that just happened two weeks ago and that she would need funding to replace the screen. Prof. Osisanya pointed out that the screen in his classroom blocked the blackboard, so he could not use both the blackboard and overhead projector at the same time. Ms. Stewart said the new classrooms in Nielsen Hall are arranged so that professors can use the blackboard as well as several video projectors simultaneously. She hopes to work more along those lines in the future. Prof. Okediji asked the senators to inform their colleagues about the expanded services and products available from ITS.


SENATE CHAIR'S REPORT, by Prof. Ruth Okediji

Prof. Okediji introduced Dr. Nancy Mergler, Senior Vice President and Provost, who usually attends the Senate meetings. Prof. Okediji asked the senators to encourage their colleagues to make use of the Provost's web page-- they have any questions about policies.

Dr. Skip Porter, Vice President for Technology Development, has recommended some revisions in the intellectual property policy. Prof. Okediji will meet with Dr. Porter, then the Senate Executive Committee will consider the revisions. The proposed revisions probably will be brought to the Faculty Senate in October.

President Boren will give his State of the University address at the November Senate meeting.

Prof. Okediji reminded the senators to turn in any issues or concerns that their colleagues bring to their attention to the Faculty Senate office.



The Senate approved the following nominations of the Senate Committee on Committees to fill vacancies on Faculty Senate, university, and campus councils, committees, and boards.

Campus Tenure Committee
To replace Michael Scaperlanda, 1999-02 term: Rick Tepker (Law)

Faculty Appeals Board
To replace Rosa Cintron, 2000-04 term: Eric Anderson (Art)

Faculty Awards and Honors Council
To replace Feng Lai, 1998-01 term: Robert Schlegel (Industrial Engr.)

Information Technology Council
To replace Brent Gordon, 2000-03 term: Bob Swisher (Library & Info. Studies)

(Univ.) Libraries Committee
To replace Chris Swoyer, 1998-01 term: Ruediger Landes (Mathematics)
To replace Claire McInerney, 1999-02 term: Sridhar Radhakrishnan (Computer Science)

Patent Advisory Committee
To replace Roger Frech, 1999-02 term: Bruce Roe (Chemistry & Biochem.)

Research Council
To replace Heidi Karriker, 1998-01 term [hum. & arts]: Ellen Greene (Classics)
To replace Robin Overmier, 1999-02 term [other]: Carol Saunders (MIS)
To replace Victor DeBrunner, 2000-03 term [engr.]: Subhash Shah (Petr. & Geol. Engr.)

(Univ.) Scholars Selection Committee
To replace Shelia Kennison, 1999-02 term: David Levy (History)

Faculty Senate Faculty Compensation Committee
To replace Trent Gabert, 1998-01 term: Terry Pace (Educational Psychology)



The meeting adjourned at 4:22 p.m. The next regular session of the Senate will be held at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, October 16, 2000, in Jacobson Faculty Hall 102.

Sonya Fallgatter, Administrative Coordinator

Valerie Watts, Secretary