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The University of Oklahoma - FACULTY SENATE


Executive Committee:
Megan Elwood Madden (Geology & Geophysics), Chair, or
Joshua Nelson (English), Chair-elect,
Amy Bradshaw (Educational Psychology), Secretary
Hunter Heyck (History of Science), at-large,
Matthias "Ulli" Nollert (Chemical, Biological & Materials Engineering), at-large,
Dave Hambright (Biology), at-large,
Anthony Natale (Social Work), at-large and Faculty Welfare Comm. Chair,
Jeffery Volz (Civil Eng. & Environmental Science), Faculty Compensation Comm. Chair,
Kathrine Gutierrez (Educ. Lead. & Policy Stud.), Faculty Div., Equity, & Incl. Comm.,
Sarah Ellis (Music Theory), Immediate Past Chair,
Wayne Riggs (Philosophy), Past Chair, 2016-17
Tassie Hirschfeld (Anthropology), Past Chair 2015-16,


Council Chairs:
Academic Programs: Al Schwarzkopf (Management Information Systems)
Athletics: Siduri Haslerig (Educational Leadership & Policy Studies)
Budget: TBD
Campus Planning: inactive
Continuing Education: TBD
Faculty Awards & Honors:  Katherine O’Neal (Pharmacy - HSC)
Information Technology: Patrick Livingood (Anthropology)
Research: Stephen Westrop (Geology & Geophysics)

Committee on Committees:
Joshua Nelson (English) (2018-19), Chair,
Fran Ayres (Accounting) (2016-19)
Deborah Trytten (Computer Science) (2016-19)
Anthony Natale (Social Work) (2017-20)
Lyn Cramer (Musical Theatre) (1/2019-21)
Ellen Greene (Classic & Letters) (2018-21)

Committee on Faculty Compensation:
Jeffrey Volz (Civil Engineering & Environmental Science) (2016-19), Chair,
Susan Hahn (University Libraries) (2017-20)
Ying Wang (Mathematics) (2017-20)
Anthony Natale (Social Work) (2018-21)
Tassie Hirschfeld (Anthropology) (2018-21)

Committee on Faculty Welfare:
Anthony Natale (Social Work) (1/2018-19), Chair,
Kyle Bergersen (Journalism & Mass Comm.) (1/19-19)
Michael Bemben (Health & Exercise Science) (2017-20)
Lori Jervis (Anthropology) (2017-20)
Keri Kornelson (MAthematics) (2018-21)

Committee on Faculty Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:
Kathrine Gutierrez (Educational Leadership & Policy Studies) (2018-21), Chair,
Vince Leseney (Musical Theatre) (2018-19)
Alisa Fryar (Political Science) (1/2018-19)
Heather Shotton (Native American Studies) (1/2019-20)
Ben Keppel (History) (2017-20)
Randa Shehab (Industrial & Systems Engineering) (2017-20)
Tamera McCuen (Construction Science) (2018-21)

Ed Cline Faculty Development Awards Committee:
Angela Urick (Educational Leadership & Policy Studies) (2017-19) Chair,
Lance Lobban (Chemical, Biological & Materials Engineering) (2017-19)
Roxanne Lyst (Dance) (2018-20)
Heather Shotton (Native American Studies) (2018-20)
Rebecca Larson (Health & Exercise Science) (2018-20)

Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellowship Committee:
Kimberly Marshall (Anthropology) (1/2019-19), College of Arts & Sciences
Konstantinos Karathanasis (Music) (2016-19), College of Fine Arts
Raphael Folsom (History) (2017-20), College of Arts & Sciences
Lloyd Cracknell (Drama) (2018-20), College of Fine Arts
Jill Hicks-Keeton (Religious Studies) (1/2019-21), College of Arts & Sciences
Matthew Stock (University Libraries - Fine Arts Library) (2018-21), College of Fine Arts

Research Advisory Committee to Vice President for Research (3-year term)
Zev Trachtenberg (Philosophy), (January 2017-19)

Teaching Scholars Initiative (TSI) Steering Committee:
Zahed Siddique (Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering (1/2018-19)
Bret Bradley (Management & International Business) (2017-19)
Christopher Hill (Sociology) (2017-20)
Kim Marshall (Anthropology) (2017-20)
Kathrine Gutierrez (Educational Leadership & Policy Studies) (2018-21)
J. Phil Gibson (Microbiology & Plant Biology) (2018-21)

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