TO:†††††††††††††††††††††† David L. Boren, President


FROM:††††††††††††††† Cecelia Brown, Chair, OU Faculty Senate

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Loretta E. Bass, Tuition Waiver Benefit Committee


DATE:†††††††††††††††††† February 24, 2009


SUBJECT:†††††††††† Tuition Waiver Benefit Proposal for Faculty and Staff Dependents



The Faculty Senate Executive Committee reviewed the report on the Tuition Waiver Benefit currently available to faculty at the University of Oklahoma on February 2, 2009.Based on the report findings, the current tuition waiver benefit does not appeal to faculty, nearly all of whom have terminal degrees.The Executive Committee recommends: 1) increase the Tuition Waiver Benefit to cover a full load of tuition but not fees; 2) extend this heightened benefit to the dependents of both faculty and staff; and 3) once one and two are completed and OU thereby becomes eligible, join the Tuition Exchange Program.


This report notes that there is a need to review and enhance the current tuition benefit, so that it provides a true benefit for faculty.Nearly all faculty have terminal doctoral degrees, and therefore do not have the need for this benefit as it is currently written.At present, the current tuition benefit appeals much more to full-time OU employees, and includes a waiver of one-half tuition and several fees not to exceed six hours per semester or three hours per summer session.To provide a true benefit for faculty, the current tuition waiver benefit should be extended to faculty membersí spouses and dependents.A sample peer institution currently doing this is the University of Nebraska, which offers Employee/Spouse/Dependent tuition assistance.Faculty members are offered a maximum of 15 credit hours per year to be divided among the employee, the spouse, and/or the dependent, as applicable.All regular, 1.00 FTE employees, including faculty, are eligible, regardless of length of service.Tuition assistance is applied toward 15 credit hours of resident tuition in a 12-month period.This package is administered as a scholarship as part of the total financial aid package.


The Faculty Senate proposes that the tuition waiver benefit for dependents be extended to both faculty and staff membersí dependents.Other regional and Big-12 universities (e.g., Oklahoma City University, Tulsa University, Baylor University and the University of Nebraska) have reported the usefulness of an Employee/Spouse/Dependent tuition assistance as an effective recruitment and retention tool for faculty and staff.Most faculty and many staff members move to Oklahoma with a trailing spouse or partner.The availability of a tuition benefit to retrain a trailing partner for the local job market could make the recruiting difference.Additionally, this could mean the marginal difference in recruiting the children of faculty and staff to attend the University of Oklahoma, which would, in turn, increase overall enrollment and generate new funds for OU, as the dependent student would continue to pay fees for all credit hours as well as all unremitted tuition credit hours exceeding the current benefit cap of 15 credit hours in a 12-month period.


The report also notes that an increase in the Tuition Waiver Benefit is needed in order to remain competitive with other regional institutions.Three nearby regional universities (e.g., OCU, Baylor, and Tulsa University) currently offer a full-tuition waiver benefit for the dependents of their employees.Additionally, these universities join the Tuition Exchange Program (TEP), a consortium in which the employeesí dependents may choose to exercise the benefit from among roughly 600 other private and public universities (e.g., University of Delaware, University of Florida) offering similar 30-credit hour employee/spouse/dependent tuition waiver benefits.Joining the TEP would bring OU in line with other regional universities, and put OU on the ďeducational menuĒ for the dependents of employees of some 600 other universities.


This proposal anticipates that the procedures for implementing the dependent tuition benefit would be the same as for the existing faculty and staff waiver.In addition to providing a tuition benefit that faculty might actually use, the dependenttuition benefit would make OU more competitive with other regional universities, aid recruitment and retention, increase overall enrollment, and attract a more diverse student body from the TEP consortium.Further, the added cost of this benefit is expected to be mitigated by the fact that fees currently equal or exceed tuition at OU, and over time more students will likely attend OU through the TEP consortium.These changes would provide a true tuition benefit for faculty members and staff, thereby greatly boosting morale during a time when a cost-of-living pay increase is not possible.




Prepared for:Faculty Senate Executive Committee

February 2, 2009

Prepared by: Dr. Loretta E. Bass, Associate Professor of Sociology


Ami Reeves, Graduate Student of Sociology


There is a need for a tuition benefit that provides tuition assistance for faculty membersí spouses and dependents.Currently, the University of Oklahoma offers a tuition benefit to full-time employees, translating into a benefit for staff employees who may seek more education, but not for faculty employees who generally take positions at OU with a terminal doctoral degree.At present, the current tuition benefit for full-time OU employees includes a waiver of one-half tuition and several fees not to exceed six hours per semester or three hours per summer session.Including tuition assistance for a faculty memberís spouse and dependents could serve as effective recruitment and retention tools as we have learned from other regional and Big 12 universities who currently offer this benefit to employees.

Most faculty members move to Oklahoma with a trailing spouse or partner.The availability of a tuition benefit to retrain a trailing spouse for the local job market could make the recruiting difference.Offering this tuition benefit to dependent children of faculty members would serve as both recruitment and retention functions, and would not cost OU much money.At present, there are 161 faculty dependents listed in PeopleSoft between the ages of 15 and 18, which would provide a four-year cohort population estimate given that all dependents within this cohort decided to attend OU (which is unlikely).A real tuition benefit for faculty members could generate much goodwill, especially in years when a cost-of-living pay raise is not in possible.

In surveying Big 12 universities, seven of these universities offer some form of tuition assistance as an employment benefit.Baylor University distinguishes itself as offering the most competitive tuition benefit to its faculty.Across all public universities surveyed, the University of Nebraska provides the model to emulate: a tuition package not to exceed 15 credit hours per academic year for faculty and their dependent spouses and children.Although each program varies widely, most human resources departments place great value on the ability for faculty and, in some cases, faculty dependents or spouses to receive tuition assistance while attending the home institution.

In the next sections, detailed information is offered by Big 12 universities first and then the two leading private universities in Oklahoma, University of Tulsa and Oklahoma City University are included to provide a full picture of OUís state-level position vis-ŗ-vis a tuition remission benefit for faculty members and their dependents.


Universities in the Big 12

* University of Nebraska: Faculty/Spouse/Dependent tuition assistance offered.Faculty is offered a maximum of 15 hours per year to be divided among the employee, the spouse, and/or the dependent, as applicable.All regular, 1.00 FTE employees, including faculty, are eligible, regardless of length of service.Tuition assistance will be applied toward 15 hours of resident tuition in a 12 month period.This package is administered as a scholarship as part of the total financial aid package.

*Baylor University: Offers faculty tuition remission and a spouse/dependent tuition remission.Faculty and staff are eligible for 100% tuition remission for themselves up to eight hours per semester after one year of full time service.Spouse or dependents of faculty and staff are eligible for 100% tuition discount after the Baylor employee has completed three years of full-time service (i.e., spouse tuition discount) or five years of full-time service (i.e., dependent tuition discount).There are graduated amounts of tuition remission depending on years worked.For example, after one year of service, a faculty memberís spouse can receive 50% tuition remission, after two years of service, 75% tuition remission.After one year of service, a faculty memberís dependent can receive 20% tuition remission, etc., up to 100% after the faculty member has completed five yearsí service to Baylor.The tuition remission applies to the spouse or dependentís completion of one undergraduate degree or 36 hours post-baccalaureate.The faculty can receive tuition remission for both a spouse and dependents concurrently.

*University of Missouri:Tuition reduction is offered to employees, faculty, and retirees of UM and to their spouses and dependents.All current faculty and staff are eligible for a 75% tuition reduction up to six hours per semester after a six-month probationary employment period.Spouse and dependents are offered a 50% tuition reduction up to a cumulative 140 undergraduate or graduate hours per spouse or dependent after the faculty or staff member has given five years of full time, benefit-eligible service to UM.

*Kansas State University: Offers tuition reduction to faculty.Independently, the Office of Financial Aid offers a grant to dependents and spouses of faculty.To qualify for the faculty tuition reduction, a faculty or staff member must be a 1.0 FTE employee for one year.The 100% tuition reduction applies three hours of undergraduate or graduate hours per semester for a faculty member.The spouse/dependent grant covers three hours of undergraduate or graduate credit per semester, up to eight semesters, and is only available when all other grants and scholarships have been applied.The spouse/dependent grant is awarded on a first come, first served basis until the resource is exhausted.

*Oklahoma State University:Employees and faculty are offered a fee waiver.Dependents are not eligible for tuition waivers.The fee waiver amounts to 50% tuition reduction at Oklahoma State University up to five hours per semester.Length of service is not a factor in determining eligibility.

*University of Colorado: 100% tuition waiver offered for current, full time faculty.The tuition waiver maximum is nine credit hours per year, but the courses must be related to current employment position.Length of service is not a factor.Dependents are not eligible for tuition waivers.

*University of Kansas: KU offers no tuition benefit for faculty, but does offer scholarships for faculty dependents.This is similar to OUís Heritage Scholarship although the amount of the scholarship is more generous and is funded through a contract with Coca-Cola.Incoming freshmen with a benefit-eligible KU faculty parent can apply for $1,000 awards. Returning students receive $1,000, $750, $500 or $250, depending on GPA.Eligible faculty dependents apply through KU Financial Aid office and the scholarship is administered as part of the total financial aid package.


Other Universities in Oklahoma

Although the University of Tulsa and Oklahoma City University are not Big-12 universities, their tuition benefit is reported here to provide a full idea of the other major Oklahoma universitiesí contribution to tuition assistance (TU, OSU, OU).

*University of Tulsa:TU offers a tuition reduction for faculty, spouse, or dependent undergraduate or graduate degree.The tuition reduction is equal to 50% of the faculty, spouse, or dependentsí tuition if the faculty member has been employed by TU for less than a year, and 100% once the faculty member has been employed by TU over one year.The tuition reduction is limited to 9 hours per semester.Other student financial aid awards must be exhausted before the tuition benefit applies.Undergraduate tuition is a waiver applied directly to the studentsí account.Graduate or law tuition is processed by Payroll as part of the faculty memberís compensation package and is issued as a payroll check, subject to taxation, to the employee.

*Oklahoma City University: Although not a member of the Big 12, nor a public institution, OCU was surveyed in order to get a picture of the tuition benefits offered by the closest university to OU.OCU offers tuition remission for faculty dependents after the faculty member has given four months of service.Undergraduate tuition remission equals 100% of tuition for undergraduate courses and 75% of graduate tuition, applied toward unlimited hours each semester.



To meet the need for a tuition benefit that provides tuition assistance for faculty membersí spouses and dependents, the University of Nebraska model makes the most sense as a first step to provide a meaningful tuition benefit for faculty at the University of Oklahoma, (i.e., a tuition package not to exceed 15 credit hours per academic year for faculty and their dependent spouses and children).

Additionally, Appendix 1 of this document provides research on the possibility of a tuition exchange program as an alternative, innovative longer-term goal that could also aid in faculty retention.Reciprocity models currently exist such as the Tuition Exchange Program and the Council of Independent Colleges Program.Exchange models are also found in the Academic Common Market, to which the University of Oklahoma belongs, and similar regional agreements (Midwest Student Exchange, etc.) based on the absence of a specific major in the studentís home state.If the University of Oklahoma were to become a participant in the Tuition Exchange Program (TEP), founded in the 1950s and comprised of almost 600 educational institutions, dependents of OU faculty may one day be able to attend a TEP institution tuition free.A student from another member institution would come to OU if qualified, and a qualified OU faculty dependent could then attend that other institution.Using the PeopleSoft data from page 1 of this report, we know that a maximum estimate for OU participation would be about 160 dependents.Local universities currently doing this include Oklahoma City University and the University of Tulsa.

Finally, this report aims to foster some discussion on a new benefit which would be meaningful for recruitment and retention, but morale in the short term.In the last ten years at this University, town meetings are generally held to discuss a reduced benefit for faculty.This report is written in the spirit that we can reverse this trend for the future well being of this institution and its heart, the faculty.





††††††††††† In theory, a tuition exchange program is an innovative idea that could aid in faculty retention.In practice, it is somewhat complex to implement and maintain, due to legalities and the differing price of tuition among learning institutions. Reciprocity models currently exist such as the Tuition Exchange Program (TEP) and the Council of Independent Colleges Program (CICP).Exchange models are also found in the Academic Common Market (ACM), to which the University of Oklahoma belongs, and similar regional agreements (i.e., Midwest Student Exchange, etc.) based on the absence of a specific major in the studentís home state.

††††††††††† The idea of tuition exchange is nestled within the idea that a faculty member of the University of Oklahoma could pay OU tuition for his or her dependent and then exchange those credits with a faculty member at another Big 12 institution, such as the University of Nebraska or the University of Kansas.A faculty member at the University of Nebraska would then pay in-state tuition for his or her child to attend the University of Oklahoma.The human resources (HR) departments of the Big 12 universities surveyed were not familiar with this idea of a tuition exchange program as one university exchanging with peer institutions.Third party organizations, such as the Academic Common Market or the Midwest Student Exchange, tend to manage reciprocal arrangements that do exist similar to this.According to the HR departments surveyed, a proposal would need to be presented to the Regents of each university in order to gauge interest and feasibility of a reciprocal program.

††††††††††† From the research undertaken, membership of the University of Oklahoma in the Tuition Exchange Program (TEP) discussed below would be a first step to make a tuition exchange program a reality as a benefit for OU faculty members.


Tuition Exchange Program: Founded in the 1950s, the TEP is an organization made up of nearly 600 mostly private educational institutions.Public universities comprise 8 percent of the member schools.Some of the major public universities which participate in the TEP include the University of Florida, the University of Delaware, and University of Pittsburgh.Regionally accredited public and non-profit institutions of higher education are eligible for membership.The initiation fee is $350 and annual dues are $400, with a $35 fee each year for each Tuition Exchange student sponsored by the university.Oklahoma City University and the University of Tulsa are the only two Oklahoma institutions currently participating in the TEP.Baylor University is the only Big 12 institution participating in the TEP.

The Tuition Exchange Program is generally awarded for eight semesters of undergraduate study at a member institution.The scholarship is awarded, administered, and funded by the institutions themselves, not by the TEP.(This is where the 100% tuition remission offered by Baylor, OCU, and TU can be combined with the TEP, giving the student 100% tuition at a participating college.For example, a faculty member at TU can have her child attend Baylor University tuition-free if all qualifications are met, because the dependent is eligible for 100% tuition remission at TU, and this can be used to attend Baylor in exchange for another student coming to TU from a TEP school).The student must meet admission requirements at the desired institution. The number of annual scholarships averages 5,300 per year among TEP members.This is a true trade agreement, with no finances being exchanged and no money being paid.Institutions must maintain an equal number of imports and exports.

The home institution decides how to determine eligibility for this program and how many students will be awarded.For example, at Oklahoma City University, dependents of faculty who have given at least four months of service can apply for the Tuition Exchange Program on behalf of their dependents.OCU chooses qualified applicants for the Tuition Exchange Scholarship, and must accept an equal number of imports from member institutions.

The University of Tulsa offers the Tuition Exchange Program benefit to dependents of faculty who have completed a year of service.TU determines how many of these scholarships to award based on how many imports will be coming to TU.TU considers this program to be extremely valuable in terms of faculty retention, with faculty considering the TEP as one of the best benefits available at the institution.


Academic Common Market:The second model for reciprocity is the Academic Common Market (ACM), which is coordinated by the Southern Regional Educational Board.The University of Oklahoma belongs to the ACM.It is an agreement between Southern states to allow a student to obtain a degree in another state while paying in-state tuition if that field of study is not available in the home state.If a student is approved for the Academic Common Market from another state, the institution that the student attends issues a waiver for the non-resident portion of tuition.The student is then responsible for in-state tuition to that institution.

For example, applicants from Delaware and West Virginia seeking a bachelorís in architecture are eligible, once approved, to pay in-state tuition at OU.Applicants from Arkansas, Delaware, and Virginia seeking a masterís in Library Information Studies are eligible, once approved, to pay in-state OU tuition.

Students from Oklahoma seeking a bachelorís in Landscape Architecture may pay in-state tuition at Louisiana State University, once approved by the program.Oklahoma students seeking a masterís in Kinesiology can pay in-state tuition at the University of Kentucky, if approved.

Member states in the ACM include Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.To apply for the Academic Common Market, a student applies for approval through the ACM coordinator in his or her home state.Similar associations, such as the Midwest Student Exchange and the Western Undergraduate Exchange, exist to serve other parts of the country with the same goal of providing in-state tuition to a non-resident seeking a major not available in the home state.



Appendix II:References

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Appendix III:TEP Participating Institutions

New Member Schools

July 2008 to present
Bay Path College - (MA)
Chester College of New England - (NH)
College of St. Joseph - (VT)
College of Wooster (The) - (OH)
Concordia University - (CA)
DePauw University - (IN)
Franklin University - (OH)
Grove City College - (PA)
Howard Payne University - (TX)
Ohio Wesleyan University - (OH)
Peirce College - (PA)
Queens University of Charlotte - (NC)
University of the Ozarks - (AR)

TE Co-op (Cooperative)
Members admitted to Co-op

Adrian College - (MI)
AIB College of Business - (IA)
Alma College - (MI)
Alverno College - (WI)
Antioch University New England - (NH)
Aquinas College - (MI)
Aurora University - (IL)
Austin College - (TX)
Benedictine College - (KS)
Berea College - (KY)
Berry College - (GA)
Bethany College - (WV)
Bloomfield College - (NJ)
Briar Cliff University - (IA)
Caldwell College - (NJ)
Chester College of New England - (NH)
Clarke College - (IA)
College of Mount Saint Vincent - (NY)
College of New Rochelle - (NY)
Columbia College - (MO)
Columbia College of Nursing - (WI)
Concordia University - (NE)
Concordia University - (OR)
Concordia University - (IL)
Culver-Stockton College - (MO)
Dana College - (NE)
Daniel Webster College - (NH)
Defiance College - (OH)
Doane College - (NE)
Drury University - (MO)
East Texas Baptist University - (TX)
Elmhurst College - (IL)
Emmanuel School of Religion - (TN)
Erskine College - (SC)
Gardner-Webb University - (NC)
Geneva College - (PA)
Georgian Court University - (NJ)
Golden Gate University - (CA)
Green Mountain College - (VT)
Greensboro College - (NC)
Hampden-Sydney College - (VA)
Hastings College - (NE)
Heidelberg College - (OH)
Hendrix College - (AR)
Hilbert College - (NY)
Hillsdale College - (MI)
Hiram College - (OH)
Holy Cross College - (IN)
Houston Baptist University - (TX)
Huntingdon College - (AL)
Illinois College - (IL)
Indiana Institute of Technology - (IN)
John Marshall Law School - (IL)
Judson College - (AL)
Kentucky Wesleyan College - (KY)
Keystone College - (PA)
King's College - (PA)
Landmark College - (VT)
Lees-McRae College - (NC)
Lewis University - (IL)
Lexington Theological Seminary - (KY)
Loras College - (IA)
Lyon College - (AR)
MacMurray College - (IL)
Madonna University - (MI)
Marian College - (IN)
Marlboro College - (VT)
Marymount College of Fordham University - (NY)
McKendree University - (IL)
McMurry University - (TX)
Milligan College - (TN)
Millsaps College - (MS)
Molloy College - (NY)
Monmouth College - (IL)
Mount Marty College - (SD)
Muskingum College - (OH)
Nebraska Wesleyan University - (NE)
North Carolina Wesleyan College - (NC)
North Central College - (IL)
Northern Baptist Theological Seminary - (IL)
Notre Dame College - (OH)
Nyack College - (NY)
Oakland City University - (IN)
Olivet College - (MI)
Ottawa University - (KS)
Park University - (MO)
Peirce College - (PA)
Pfeiffer University - (NC)
Prescott College - (AZ)
Quincy University - (IL)
Regent University - (VA)
Rockhurst University - (MO)
Saint Martin's University - (WA)
Salem Academy & College - (NC)
School for International Training - (VT)
Schreiner University - (TX)
Seton Hill University - (PA)
Sheldon Jackson College - (AK)
Shorter College - (GA)
Southwestern College - (KS)
St. Ambrose University - (IA)
St. Francis College - (NY)
St. Mary's College of Maryland - (MD)
St. Mary's University - (TX)
St. Thomas Aquinas College - (NY)
Stephens College - (MO)
Talladega College - (AL)
Texas Wesleyan University - (TX)
Thiel College - (PA)
Thomas More College - (KY)
Tiffin University - (OH)
Trine University - (IN)
Union College - (KY)
University of Bridgeport - (CT)
University of Dubuque - (IA)
University of Great Falls - (MT)
University of Saint Francis - (IN)
University of St. Francis - (IL)
University of St. Thomas - (TX)
University of the Cumberlands (The) - (KY)
University of the Ozarks - (AR)
Ursuline College - (OH)
Waldorf College - (IA)
Walsh University - (OH)
Waynesburg University - (PA)
Wells College - (NY)
William Jewell College - (MO)
Wilmington College - (OH)
Wingate University - (NC)

Complete list of participating institutions

Great Britain

Richmond University


Birmingham-Southern College
Huntingdon College
Judson College
Samford University
Talladega College


Alaska Pacific University


Grand Canyon University
Prescott College


Harding University
Hendrix College
Lyon College
University of the Ozarks


Azusa Pacific University
Biola University
California Baptist University
California Lutheran University
Chapman University
Concordia University
Dominican University of California
Fresno Pacific University
Golden Gate University
Marymount College
Mills College
Mount Saint Mary's College
Occidental College
Pepperdine University
Saint Mary's College of California
Santa Clara University
Simpson University
Southwestern Law School
University of La Verne
University of Redlands
University of San Diego
University of San Francisco
University of Southern California
University of the Pacific
Vanguard University of Southern California
Westmont College
Whittier College


Johnson & Wales University
Regis University


Connecticut College
Fairfield University
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts
Mitchell College
Quinnipiac University
Sacred Heart University
Saint Joseph College
University of Bridgeport
University of Hartford
University of New Haven


University of Delaware
Wesley College
Wilmington University

District of Columbia

American University
Catholic University of America, The
George Washington University
The Tuition Exchange
Trinity University


Barry University
Eckerd College
Edward Waters College
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Flagler College
Florida Southern College
Jacksonville University
Johnson & Wales University
Lynn University
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Saint Leo University
St. Thomas University
Stetson University
University of Florida
University of North Florida
University of Tampa


Agnes Scott College
Andrew College
Berry College
Brenau University
Covenant College
Emmanuel College
LaGrange College
Mercer University
Oglethorpe University
Shorter College
Wesleyan College
Young Harris College


College of Idaho (The)


Augustana College
Aurora University
Benedictine University
Bradley University
Columbia College Chicago
Concordia University
DePaul University
Dominican University
Elmhurst College
Eureka College
Illinois College
Illinois Institute of Technology
John Marshall Law School
Judson University
Kendall College
Lewis University
MacMurray College
McKendree University
Millikin University
Monmouth College
National-Louis University
North Central College
North Park University
Northern Baptist Theological Seminary
Quincy University
Robert Morris College
Rockford College
Roosevelt University
Saint Xavier University
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (The)
Trinity International University
University of St. Francis


Anderson University
Butler University
Calumet College of Saint Joseph
DePauw University
Franklin College
Hanover College
Holy Cross College
Huntington University
Indiana Institute of Technology
Manchester College
Marian College
Oakland City University
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Saint Joseph's College
Trine University
University of Evansville
University of Indianapolis
University of Saint Francis
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Wabash College


AIB College of Business
Briar Cliff University
Buena Vista University
Central College
Clarke College
Coe College
Cornell College
Drake University
Graceland University
Grand View University
Iowa Wesleyan College
Loras College
Luther College
Mercy College of Health Sciences
Morningside College
Mount Mercy College
Simpson College
St. Ambrose University
University of Dubuque
Upper Iowa University
Waldorf College
Wartburg College
William Penn University


Baker University
Benedictine College
Friends University
Kansas Wesleyan University
Newman University
Ottawa University
Southwestern College


Bellarmine University
Berea College
Centre College
Georgetown College
Kentucky State University
Kentucky Wesleyan College
Lexington Theological Seminary
Lindsey Wilson College
Midway College
St. Catharine College
Thomas More College
Transylvania University
Union College
University of Louisville
University of the Cumberlands (The)


Centenary College
Tulane University


Saint Joseph's College of Maine


College of Notre Dame of Maryland
Goucher College
Hood College
Loyola College
McDaniel College
Mount Saint Mary's University
St. Mary's College of Maryland
Stevenson University
Washington College


Anna Maria College
Art Institute of Boston at Lesley, The
Assumption College
Bard College at Simon's Rock
Bay Path College
Becker College
Boston University
Curry College
Dean College
Elms College
Emerson College
Emmanuel College
Endicott College
Lasell College
Lesley University
Merrimack College
Mount Holyoke College
Mount Ida College
Newbury College
Nichols College
Regis College
Simmons College
Smith College
Springfield College
Stonehill College
Suffolk University
Western New England College
Wheaton College
Wheelock College
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Adrian College
Alma College
Aquinas College
Hillsdale College
Lawrence Technological University
Madonna University
Marygrove College
Northwood University
Olivet College
Western Theological Seminary


Augsburg College
Bethel University
College of St. Benedict
College of St. Catherine
College of St. Scholastica
Concordia College at Moorhead
Crown College
Gustavus Adolphus College
Hamline University
Minneapolis C. of Art & Design
Northwestern College
Saint Mary's University
St. John's University


Belhaven College
Millsaps College


Columbia College
Culver-Stockton College
Drury University
Kansas City Art Institute
Maryville University
Northwest Missouri State University
Park University
Rockhurst University
Saint Louis University
Stephens College
Webster University
Westminster College
William Jewell College
William Woods University


Carroll College
Rocky Mountain College
University of Great Falls


College of Saint Mary
Concordia University
Creighton University
Dana College
Doane College
Hastings College
Nebraska Wesleyan University


Sierra Nevada College

New Hampshire

Antioch University New England
Chester College of New England
Colby-Sawyer College
Daniel Webster College
Franklin Pierce Law Center
Franklin Pierce University
New England College
Saint Anselm College

New Jersey

Bloomfield College
Caldwell College
Centenary College
Drew University
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Georgian Court University
Monmouth University
Rider University
Saint Peter's College
Seton Hall University
Stevens Institute of Technology

New Mexico

College of Santa Fe

New York

Adelphi University
Albany Law School
Alfred University
Bard College
Canisius College
Cazenovia College
Clarkson University
College of Mount Saint Vincent
College of New Rochelle
     The College's TE scholarship includes full room, board and fees. The College accepts TE scholarship applications through April 15th and makes decision
College of Saint Rose
Concordia College
Daemen College
Dominican College of Blauvelt
D'Youville College
Elmira College
Fordham University
Hartwick College
Hilbert College
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Hofstra University
Houghton College
Iona College
Keuka College
Le Moyne College
Long Island University, BrooklynCampus
Long Island University, CW Post Campus
Manhattan College
Marymount Manhattan College
Medaille College
Molloy College
Mount Saint Mary College
Nazareth College
New York Institute of Technology
Niagara University
Nyack College
Pace University
Paul Smith's College
Polytechnic University
Pratt Institute
Roberts Wesleyan College
Rochester Inst. of Technology
Russell Sage College
Sarah Lawrence College
Skidmore College
St. Bonaventure University
St. Francis College
St. John Fisher College
St. John's University
St. Joseph's College
St. Lawrence University
St. Thomas Aquinas College
Syracuse University
Trocaire College
Utica College
Vaughn College
Villa Maria College
Wagner College
Wells College

North Carolina

Barton College
Belmont Abbey College
Campbell University
Catawba College
Chowan University
Elon University
Gardner-Webb University
Greensboro College
Guilford College
High Point University
Johnson & Wales University
Lees-McRae College
Lenoir-Rhyne College
Mars Hill College
Meredith College
Methodist University
North Carolina Wesleyan College
Peace College
Pfeiffer University
Queens University of Charlotte
Salem Academy & College
St. Andrews Presbyterian College
Warren Wilson College
Wingate University


Antioch University McGregor
Ashland University
Baldwin-Wallace College
Bluffton University
Capital University
Cleveland Institute of Art
College of Mount St. Joseph
College of Wooster (The)
Columbus College of Art & Design
Defiance College
Franklin University
Heidelberg College
Hiram College
John Carroll University
Malone University
Marietta College
MedCentral College of Nursing
Mercy College of Northwest Ohio
Mount Union College
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Muskingum College
Notre Dame College
Ohio Dominican University
Ohio Northern University
Ohio Wesleyan University
Otterbein College
Tiffin University
University of Dayton
University of Findlay
Ursuline College
Walsh University
Wilmington College
Wittenberg University
Xavier University


Oklahoma City University
University of Tulsa


Concordia University
George Fox University
Lewis & Clark College
Linfield College
Marylhurst University
Pacific University
University of Portland
Warner Pacific College
Willamette University


Albright College
Allegheny College
Alvernia University
Arcadia University
Bucknell University
Cabrini College
Carlow University
Cedar Crest College
Chatham University
Chestnut Hill College
Delaware Valley College
DeSales University
Dickinson College
Drexel University
Duquesne University
Eastern University
Elizabethtown College
Franklin & Marshall College
Gannon University
Geneva College
Gettysburg College
Grove City College
Gwynedd-Mercy College
Holy Family University
Immaculata University
Juniata College
Keystone College
King's College
Lafayette College
LaSalle University
Lebanon Valley College
Lycoming College
Marywood University
Mercyhurst College
Misericordia Universiity
Moore College of Art and Design
Moravian College
Mount Aloysius College
Muhlenberg College
Neumann College
Peirce College
Philadelphia University
Point Park University
Robert Morris University
Rosemont College
Saint Francis University
Saint Joseph's University
Saint Vincent College
Seton Hill University
Susquehanna University
Thiel College
University of Pittsburgh
University of Scranton
University of the Arts, The
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Ursinus College
Villanova University
Washington & Jefferson College
Waynesburg University
Westminster College
Widener University
Wilkes University
Wilson College
York College

Rhode Island

Bryant University
Johnson & Wales University
Providence College
Roger Williams University
Salve Regina University

South Carolina

Anderson University
Charleston Southern University
Coker College
Columbia College
Converse College
Erskine College
Furman University
Limestone College
Newberry College
North Greenville University
Presbyterian College
Southern Wesleyan University
Wofford College

South Dakota

Mount Marty College
University of Sioux Falls


Belmont University
Bryan College
Carson-Newman College
Christian Brothers University
Emmanuel School of Religion
Lambuth University
Lincoln Memorial University
Martin Methodist College
Maryville College
Memphis College of Art
Milligan College
Union University
University of the South


Austin College
Baylor University
East Texas Baptist University
Hardin-Simmons University
Houston Baptist University
Howard Payne University
McMurry University
Schreiner University
Southwestern University
St. Edward's University
St. Mary's University
Texas Christian University
Texas Lutheran University
Texas Wesleyan University
Trinity University
University of Dallas
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
University of St. Thomas
University of the Incarnate Word


Westminster College of Salt Lake City


Bennington College
Champlain College
College of St. Joseph
Goddard College
Green Mountain College
Landmark College
Marlboro College
Norwich University
Saint Michael's College


Appalachian School of Law
Bluefield College
Bridgewater College
Emory & Henry College
Ferrum College
Hampden-Sydney College
Hollins University
Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Lynchburg College
Mary Baldwin College
Marymount University
Randolph College
Randolph-Macon College
Regent University
Roanoke College
Shenandoah University
Sweet Briar College
University of Richmond
Virginia Intermont College
Virginia Wesleyan College


Cornish College of the Arts
Gonzaga University
Heritage University
Pacific Lutheran University
Saint Martin's University
Seattle University
University of Puget Sound
Whitworth University

West Virginia

Bethany College
Davis and Elkins College
University of Charleston
West Virginia Wesleyan College
Wheeling Jesuit University


Alverno College
Beloit College
Cardinal Stritch University
Carroll College
Carthage College
Columbia College of Nursing
Concordia University Wisconsin
Lawrence University
Marian University
Northland College
Ripon College
St. Norbert College
Viterbo University