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The University of Oklahoma - FACULTY SENATE

Chairs of the University of Oklahoma Faculty Senate (Norman)

1943-44: President Joseph A. Brandt (University President)
1944-51: President George L. Cross (University President)
1952-53: Dr. Olin L. Browder, Jr. (Law)
1953-54: Dr. Joseph C. Pray (Political Science)
1954-55: Dr. Rufus G. Hall, Jr. (Political Science)
1955-56: Dr. Jim E. Reese (Economics)
1956-57: Dr. Jim E. Reese (Economics)
1957-58: Dr. Rufus G. Hall, Jr. (Political Science)
1958-59: Dr. Rufus G. Hall, Jr. (Political Science)
1959-60: Dr. John C. Brixey (Mathematics)
1960-61: Dr. Cortez A. M. Ewing (Political Science)
1961-62: Dr. John G. Eriksen (Political Science)
1962-63: Dr. Bruce I. Granger (English)
1963-64: Dr. Joseph C. Pray (Political Science)
1964-65: Dean James G. Harlow (Education)
1965-66: Dr. John G. Eriksen (Political Science)
1966-67: Dr. William H. Maehl, Jr. (History)
1967-68: Dr. Gilbert C. Fite (History)
1968-69: Dr. Sherril D. Christian (Chemistry)
1969-70: Dr. Duane H. D. Roller (History of Science)
1970-71: Dr. Cluff E. Hopla (Zoology)
1971-72: Dr. Rufus G. Hall, Jr. (Political Science)
1972-73: Dr. Geoffrey Marshall (English)
1973-74: Dr. William H. Maehl, Jr. (History)
1974-75: Dr. Martin C. Jischke (Aerospace, Mechanical & Nuclear Engr.)
1975-76: Dr. Gail B. de Stwolinski (Music)
1976-77: Dr. Alexander J. Kondonassis (Economics)
1977-78: Dr. Donald C. Cox (Botany & Microbiology)
1978-79: Dr. Bernard R. McDonald (Mathematics)
1979-80: Prof. Barbara B. Lewis (Law)
1980-81: Dr. Gregory D. Kunesh (Drama)
1981-82: Dr. Gary L. Thompson (Geography)
1982-83: Prof. Teree E. Foster (Law)
1983-84: Dr. Robert A. Ford (Finance)
1984-85: Dr. Tom J. Love, Jr. (Aerospace, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering)
1985-86: Dr. David W. Levy (History)
1986-87: Dr. Penny M. Hopkins (Zoology)
1987-88: Dr. Larry W. Canter (Civil Engineering & Environmental Science)
1988-89: Dr. Gary B. Cohen (History)
1989-90: Dr. Andy R. Magid (Mathematics)
1990-91: Dr. Roger R. Rideout (Music)
1991-92: Dr. Jay C. Smith (Educational Psychology)
1992-93: Dr. M. Susan Vehik (Anthropology)
1993-94: Prof. Bruce H. Hinson (Journalism & Mass Communication)
1994-95: Dr. Tom W. Boyd (Philosophy)
1995-96: Dr. Patricia L. Weaver-Meyers (University Libraries)
1996-97: Prof. Harry F. "Rick" Tepker, Jr. (Law)
1997-98: Dr. Connie L. Dillon (Educational Leadership & Policy Studies)
1998-99: Dr. Alexander B. Holmes (Economics)
1999-00: Dr. Hugh H. Benson (Philosophy)
2000-01: Prof. Ruth G. Okediji (Law)
2001-02: Dr. Albert B. Schwarzkopf (Management Information Systems)
2002-03: Dr. Edward T. Cline (Mathematics)
2003-04: Dr. Michael J. McInerney (Botany & Microbiology)
2004-05: Dr. Valerie L. Watts (Music)
2005-06: Dr. Roy M. Knapp (Petroleum & Geological Engineering)
2006-07: Dr. Roger E. Frech (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
2007-08: Dr. A. Steve Bradford (History)
2008-09: Dr. Cecelia M. Brown (Library & Information Studies)
2009-10: Dr. Aimee L. Franklin (Political Science)
2010-11: Dr. C. LeRoy Blank (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
2011-12: Dr. Georgia Kosmopoulou (Economics)
2012-13: Dr. Michael G. Bemben (Health and Exercise Science)
2013-14: Dr. Edgar A. O'Rear, III (Chemical, Biological, & Materials Engineering)
2014-15: Dr. Randall S. Hewes (Biology)
2015-16: Dr. Tassie K. Hirschfeld (Anthropology)
2016-17: Dr. Wayne D. Riggs (Philosophy)
2017-18: Dr. Sarah Ellis (Music)
2018-19: Dr. Megan Elwood Madden (Geology & Geophysics)
2019-20: Dr. Joshua B. Nelson (English / Film & Medial Studies)
2020-21: Dr. Amy C. Bradshaw (Educational Psychology)

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